18.12.2013  Cultures Online is now Cultures Online HEROES

Dear Wikings and Asians,
In future, Funatics - the developers themselves - will be in charge of matters related to the game. In addition to the new game "Cultures Online Heroes", this will primarily result in faster responses with all community feature issues. Cultures Online Heroes will continue to remain part of the gamigo family. You can now look forward to an increase in the level cap, a new task system, and much more.

New missions and adventures await you

Numerous events and activities are waiting for you: Whether it's new quests on expeditions, extra non-storyline tasks in the village or achievements (e.g. for buildings), there will be a constant need for your decision-making skills as a tribal chieftain

Level cap is now 159! Onwards to undiscovered colonies!

The highest hero level that can be achieved is now 159. Players who have waited a long time for this feature will definitely look forward to this update. Furthermore, in distant America, there are now even more colonies awaiting Vikings and Asians. Set sail and conquer distant territories, where resources and treasures are just waiting to be discovered

Good things come in threes – XP for all!

If you take along multiple heroes on your ship on a mission, all of them will now receive the XP reward previously announced. This will allow your heroes to gain XP much faster

Falling prices in the Item Shop

Prices have been slashed for several popular items. We therefore urge you to visit your merchant in the village as soon as possible. Furthermore, the prices for a single visit to the main dungeon and the increase in euphoria in the colonies have also been reduced significantly. Have a look in the new Cultures forum for a detailed overview of all improvements and updates.

As you see, a visit to your village a visit will definitely be worth it. And if you log in within the next three days, you'll receive a one-off bonus of 50 runes!

The Cultures Online Heroes Team

31.07.2013  Big WL event

"Party alarm!

Finally, we would really like to rock the house with you, which is why there is a massive wanderlust event! You all have 3333 wanderlust today! We wish you lots of fun sailing around the world.

We hope you had just as much fun as we did at the Cultures Online birthday and we thank you for the nice time.

May there always be enough water beneath your keel!

The Cultures Online team"

30.07.2013  Jewel event

"Dear village elders and tribe members,

We found another chest of jewels last season which you can purchase today only for 33% cheaper at the smithy!

The Cultures Online team"

29.07.2013  Merchant's offer

Jamboree bag!

If you order new goods at the merchant's today you will get offered better items to choose from when you click on the "new goods" button. There's not just smurf blue items on offers, but also tasty potions. Take a look at what he's got for you!

The Cultures Online team

28.07.2013  PvP days

"Hello long fighters,

""Stand on the stern,
Steer a dear vessel,
Hold course for a haven,
Hew down many a man."

Egill Skallagrímsson (910–990 a.d.)

For all who want to follow in Egill's footsteps, there is the fitting chance again today. Go on great raids and take that what is yours.

The privateer with the most successful raids this weekend will get 333 global runes as reward from us in addition to the loot.

Please note down the details in the birthday calendar in the forum.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open,

The Cultures Online team"

27.07.2013  PvP days

"Hello long fighters,

""My mother wants a price paid
To purchase my proud-oared ship
Standing high in the stern
I'll scour for plunder.
Stand on the stern,
Steer a dear vessel,
Hold course for a haven,
Hew down many a man."

Egill Skallagrímsson (910–990 a.d.)

For all who want to follow in Egill's footsteps, this weekend presents the fitting chance. Go on great raids and take that what is yours.

Rules of the game:

- we are rewarding the privateer with the most successful raids over the weekend
- we will judge every server individually. There are 12 servers, so there will be 12 winners
- the event runs from 27th July (12:01 a.m. after midnight) until 28th July 11:59 p.m. (one minute after midnight)
- 333 global runes are up for grabs as prize

Please heed our terms and conditions for events.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open,

The Cultures Online team"

25.07.2013  Payment event

The crazy journey continues!

Bjarni and his friends are still in
the party mood and there's another chance to purchase the €33.33 rune
packages. What are you waiting for?

The Cultures Online team

24.07.2013  Beautification Day

"Hello Vikings and Asians,

Everything should be decorated nicely at a birthday party. So that you can decorate your village nicely as well, there are loads and loads of beautification items in the deco store!

The Cultures Online team"

23.07.2013  Smithy upgrade

Hello Vikings and Asians,

We all know that you smarten up for birthdays to show off your best side. So that you can smarten up your outfit as well, there's a 50% increased chance of success at the smithy!

The Cultures Online team

22.07.2013  Booster Event

La Boum!

He who can celebrate can also work! So you're heroes don't get all flabby there's a 33% discount off all boosters today! That'll wake perk up even tired heroes!

The Cultures Online team

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