18.12.2013  Cultures Online is now Cultures Online HEROES

Dear Wikings and Asians,
In future, Funatics - the developers themselves - will be in charge of matters related to the game. In addition to the new game "Cultures Online Heroes", this will primarily result in faster responses with all community feature issues. Cultures Online Heroes will continue to remain part of the gamigo family. You can now look forward to an increase in the level cap, a new task system, and much more.

New missions and adventures await you

Numerous events and activities are waiting for you: Whether it's new quests on expeditions, extra non-storyline tasks in the village or achievements (e.g. for buildings), there will be a constant need for your decision-making skills as a tribal chieftain

Level cap is now 159! Onwards to undiscovered colonies!

The highest hero level that can be achieved is now 159. Players who have waited a long time for this feature will definitely look forward to this update. Furthermore, in distant America, there are now even more colonies awaiting Vikings and Asians. Set sail and conquer distant territories, where resources and treasures are just waiting to be discovered

Good things come in threes – XP for all!

If you take along multiple heroes on your ship on a mission, all of them will now receive the XP reward previously announced. This will allow your heroes to gain XP much faster

Falling prices in the Item Shop

Prices have been slashed for several popular items. We therefore urge you to visit your merchant in the village as soon as possible. Furthermore, the prices for a single visit to the main dungeon and the increase in euphoria in the colonies have also been reduced significantly. Have a look in the new Cultures forum for a detailed overview of all improvements and updates.

As you see, a visit to your village a visit will definitely be worth it. And if you log in within the next three days, you'll receive a one-off bonus of 50 runes!

The Cultures Online Heroes Team

31.07.2013  Big WL event

"Party alarm!

Finally, we would really like to rock the house with you, which is why there is a massive wanderlust event! You all have 3333 wanderlust today! We wish you lots of fun sailing around the world.

We hope you had just as much fun as we did at the Cultures Online birthday and we thank you for the nice time.

May there always be enough water beneath your keel!

The Cultures Online team"

30.07.2013  Jewel event

"Dear village elders and tribe members,

We found another chest of jewels last season which you can purchase today only for 33% cheaper at the smithy!

The Cultures Online team"

29.07.2013  Merchant's offer

Jamboree bag!

If you order new goods at the merchant's today you will get offered better items to choose from when you click on the "new goods" button. There's not just smurf blue items on offers, but also tasty potions. Take a look at what he's got for you!

The Cultures Online team

28.07.2013  PvP days

"Hello long fighters,

""Stand on the stern,
Steer a dear vessel,
Hold course for a haven,
Hew down many a man."

Egill Skallagrímsson (910–990 a.d.)

For all who want to follow in Egill's footsteps, there is the fitting chance again today. Go on great raids and take that what is yours.

The privateer with the most successful raids this weekend will get 333 global runes as reward from us in addition to the loot.

Please note down the details in the birthday calendar in the forum.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open,

The Cultures Online team"

27.07.2013  PvP days

"Hello long fighters,

""My mother wants a price paid
To purchase my proud-oared ship
Standing high in the stern
I'll scour for plunder.
Stand on the stern,
Steer a dear vessel,
Hold course for a haven,
Hew down many a man."

Egill Skallagrímsson (910–990 a.d.)

For all who want to follow in Egill's footsteps, this weekend presents the fitting chance. Go on great raids and take that what is yours.

Rules of the game:

- we are rewarding the privateer with the most successful raids over the weekend
- we will judge every server individually. There are 12 servers, so there will be 12 winners
- the event runs from 27th July (12:01 a.m. after midnight) until 28th July 11:59 p.m. (one minute after midnight)
- 333 global runes are up for grabs as prize

Please heed our terms and conditions for events.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open,

The Cultures Online team"

25.07.2013  Payment event

The crazy journey continues!

Bjarni and his friends are still in
the party mood and there's another chance to purchase the €33.33 rune
packages. What are you waiting for?

The Cultures Online team

24.07.2013  Beautification Day

"Hello Vikings and Asians,

Everything should be decorated nicely at a birthday party. So that you can decorate your village nicely as well, there are loads and loads of beautification items in the deco store!

The Cultures Online team"

23.07.2013  Smithy upgrade

Hello Vikings and Asians,

We all know that you smarten up for birthdays to show off your best side. So that you can smarten up your outfit as well, there's a 50% increased chance of success at the smithy!

The Cultures Online team

22.07.2013  Booster Event

La Boum!

He who can celebrate can also work! So you're heroes don't get all flabby there's a 33% discount off all boosters today! That'll wake perk up even tired heroes!

The Cultures Online team

21.07.2013  Tribe dungeon

Hello valiant fighters,

Didn't quite get through the dungeon yesterday? No worries, because you've got the chance to finish the dungeon again today.

So put on your fighting hat and get fighting.

The Cultures Online team

20.07.2013  Tribe dungeon

Hello tribe friends,

Celebrating together is much more fun and visiting dungeons with your tribe is not just funny, but also makes you stronger.

To make it go a bit quicker, we have reduced the time till the start of the tribe dungeon by 2 hours for you today.

So get ready to really bring the roof down!

The Cultures Online team

19.07.2013  Big XP event

"Dear village elders and tribe members,

Are you somewhat tired from the festivities? We certainly hope not, because we've got more where that came from! There's 150% more XP on your missions today! You don't want to miss that, do you?

The Cultures Online team"

18.07.2013  Bake a cake

"Pattycake, pattycake, baker's man... !

What would a birthday be without birthday cake? Seeing as a tasty birthday cake can't be missing from the Cultures Online birthday, we're looking for the best Cultures Online birthday cake.

Sending a cake via post is maybe a little unpractical. So we're looking for something along the lines of: ""You eat with your eyes"" photos from the prettiest Cultures Online birthday cake.

Bake a birthday cake for Cultures Online, adorn it Cultures style, and send us your birthday cake photo. All players who send their pictures to us by Sunday 21st July at 11:59 p.m. (one minute to midnight) at [email protected] will take part in the event.

To make it easier for you to bake a pretty cake, you'll find some tasty cake recipes here:

The basic ingredients for a simple tray-baked cake:

2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of oil, 1 pack of vanilla sugar, 1 pack of baking powder, 1 cup of lemonade, 4 eggs, and a pinch of salt.

Just kneed all the ingredients together. Spread the dough on a greased baking tin. Then bake at 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

Adorn the cake with pretty colors (preferably edible ;)) or cover it in roll fondant and write a birthday greeting on it with frosting.
If you're super creative, maybe you could bake a cake in the form of your chieftain hall or your favorite hero?

But note: before you gnash up the cake, don't forget to take a photo of it and send it to us!

We will present all sent cakes so that we can see ourselves full. By participating in the event you agree to us presenting the pictures of the cakes.

Rules of the game:

- bake a cake adorned with Cultures motives and photograph it
- send the photo to: [email protected]
- by participating in the event you agree to us publishing the pictures of the cakes
- all photos that arrive by 21st July at 11:59 (one minute to midnight) will be counted for the event
- we will raffle the prizes amongst all entries
- Prizes: 1. place: xx global runes, 2. place: xx global runes, 3. place: xx global runes or 3x xx global runes
- please note our terms and conditions for participation for the event

The Cultures Online team wishes you lots of fun baking and crafting"

17.07.2013  Payment event

The crazy journey continues!

Bjarni and his friends are still in the party mood and there's another chance to purchase the €33.33 rune packages. What are you waiting for?

The Cultures Online team

16.07.2013  Sail event

Hello Vikings and Asians,

You sail bravely across the globe and subdue wild creatures for your tribes. Such courage is being rewarded: the sail handler is selling his goods 33% cheaper today! Make your ship ready and sail off!

The Cultures Online team

15.07.2013  Luckybox keys

"Lucky duck alarm!

There shouldn't be any losers or sad faces for the birthday, which is why there are 5 keys in the Luckybox today rather than one!

Good luck!
The Cultures Online team"

14.07.2013  Tribe battle

"Hello tribe fighters,

Welcome to day 2 of our "Hunter and the Hunted" game. Don't forget to defend your tribe while roughing up other tribes.

We've shortened the time till the next tribe fight begins again today and raised the loot somewhat.

Adjuva tribus

The Cultures Online team"

13.07.2013  Tribe battle

"Hello tribe fighters,

Today we want to play "Hunter and the Hunted" with you. You don't have to do much for this other than defend your tribe and give other tribes a good licking.

So that it goes a bit quicker, we've shortened the time till the next tribe fight begins for you. Even the loot is dropping thicker than normally today. So on your marks, get set, go... .

Adjuva tribus

The Cultures Online team 

12.07.2013  Payment event

The crazy journey continues!

Bjarni and his friends are still in the party mood and there's another chance to purchase the €33.33 rune packages. What are you waiting for?

The Cultures Online team

11.07.2013  Booster Event

"Hello party people,

Well, you awake? Maybe a few boosters would help if not? That's why we're giving you 25% off some boosters today. So on your marks, get set, go... .

The Cultures Online team"

10.07.2013  Jewel event

"Hello village elders and tribe members,

So that you can dress yourselves up a bit for the Cultures Online birthday, we've got a 25% discount going today off all jewels. This'll make every weapon sparkle the brighter.

Have fun beefing up!

The Cultures Online team"

Uploaded with

08.07.2013  Runes vs. Seals

Hello Vikings and Asians,

In addition to Bjarni's cake we're giving you a discount of 20% off all seal purchases with runes today.

The Cultures Online team

07.07.2013  Knowledge Day

Hello Vikings and Asians!

"It's not enough just to know, you
also have to apply. It's not enough just to want, you also have to do."

With this in mind, there's +200% experience today.

The Cultures Online team"

06.07.2013  Materials Day

Hello Vikings and Asians,

Now the party is rocking and to get
everyone into the mood, there's a 25% discount today on Nitro Boosters.

"Grass doesn't grow quicker if you
pull on it, rather when you fertilize it."

(modified African saying)  

The Cultures Online team.


Dear Vikings and Asians,

To be able to find the next part of the code, you will have to complete two Sudoku grids: one with letters and the other one with numbers. The code for today is the combination of the letter and the number which are in the green boxes. The first ten people who send an e-mail to [email protected] with the correct answer will receive a coupon for 10 runes!

Tomorrow’s riddle will be announced on the forum at 12! The Cultures Online Team

03.07.2013  Merchant's offer

Hello Vikings and Asians,

Our merchant is in the birthday spirit and is offering especially good wares. Not only the goods over the counter, but also the stuff he gets from under the counter, are of particularly good quality. Take a look and take a chance.

The Cultures Online team

30.05.2013  How did you like Turbonia?

30.05.2013 – 13.06.2013

Dear Vikings and Asians,

We've created a survey for the last Turbonia event and would like it if you took part.
We are carrying out this survey to find out more about your wishes and expectations. By doing this you will be supporting the whole Cultures Online team and help us to fashion the next Turbonia according to your wishes.

Here's the survey: CLICK!

Thanks for your co-operation. 
The Cultures Online team

29.05.2013  Turbonia has ended

The Cultures Online team would like to say thank you for the good time with Turbonia.

You can find the list of winners here

Futhermore we are  preparing a survey about Turbonia and we hope we will get a lot of feedback  so that we can make it even better the next time.
Keep your eyes open!

We wish you a lot of fun in Cultures Online.
Your Cultures Online team

27.05.2013  Server Maintenance on 29.05.2013

Dear Vikings and Asians,

There will be server maintenance on 29th of May.

The servers will be shut down on 28th at 11 pm and will remain offline till around 11 am (CEST) on 29.05.2013.

Stay tuned, we will inform you as soon as we’re back online.

Best regards

The Cultures-Online Team

03.05.2013  Turbonia starts

We're celebrating the opening of Turbonia!
An exciting adventure through time awaits you from 6th till 27th May, 2013. Be there and see new things, game experiences, and make lots of new friends. We've assembled all new game goals for you and are offering ALL Cultures players the chance to come together on one server. There will, of course, be a chat channel for every language.

And here's how it works:
So pick out your favorite goal from the possible Turbonia goals which you think you will be able to accomplish, and work toward it. Turbonia begins with the start of the server at midday CEST on 6th May and finishes on 27th May, 2013. The server will still be available for a few hours after all events have ended,so that you can say goodbye to your new friends. From 28th May, 2013, we will publish the winners consecutively in the forum.

"Have pity on an old sea bear, come on. Thirst is worse than homesickness, but if you buy me a jug of mead I'll tell you what I've seen on my travels. Hey, landlord, make it a big jug and I'll talk even longer. Wouldn't be bad if it was clean, too! Do you think that you've seen a lot of the world? I don't think you were in the land of the giants and beat them at arm wrestling. Or were you already in the country where only women live? That was a good shore leave, I'll tell ya. Strangely enough, the captain wasn't in any hurry to sail on. Where was I? Oh yeah. If you set sail and keep course for the horizon, then you'll find an island after many days sailing. This mysterious island only emerges from the floods. It hides its secrets under the floods most of the time. Those who have heard of the island sail their ships to wreckage trying to get to the island, because the island beckons fame and fortune. The island is something special, because a powerful magic lies on the island. The magic makes everything speed up so that you can achieve a lot more. Many take the risk on this journey to make a fortune, but only the best, the bravest, and most skillful bring anything back from this journey. You see, the island sinks again after a while, down into the icy depths of the sea, and takes everything with it. Only those who are good enough can save something and take it home with them. All others can only tell tales of their deeds. And tell they do; the taverns are full of stories from this mysterious island. There are strange stories among them, told by people in foreign tongues about friendships that otherwise might never have been. Glorious heroic deeds that were committed. And they're all true. I was there myself. You don't believe me? Ha, by the spirits of the sea, then go on the trip and see the treasures yourself. Here, I drew up the map myself. It should show you the way. Shiver me timbers, may the winds show you the way!"

Your Cultures Online Team

20.03.2013  Coupon Event

wysiwyg image

Hello Vikings and Asians!

You have the chance to purchase rune coupons . Meaning we will create a code for you which contains a certain amount of runes. Write us an e-mail from the e-mail address that belongs to your gamigo account to [email protected] All mails sent to us on 21st March 2013 will be processed in the course of the next week.

The e-mail should contain the following:

- Your login name
- The number and value of rune coupons that you wish to exchange. For example: 1x25 (1 coupon with 25 runes), 2x50 (2 coupons with 50 runes), etc.
- The following coupon values are available: 25, 50, 100, 150 runes.

With those coupons you are able to gift runes to your friends or create your own event for example.

Please MAKE SURE that you have enough runes in your account to exchange for the coupons.

All the best,

Your Cultures Online team

15.03.2013  250% XP and 200 wanderlust

Dear village elders and tribe members,

There's a whole lot of experience points for your heroes this weekend. After you all asked for more, you will now receive 250% experience points for the entire weekend.

Of course, experience isn't everything. The desire to discover distant lands is important too. Therefore, you'll also be getting an extra 100 wanderlust.

Have fun traveling!

The Cultures Online team

25.02.2013  Spring clean

We are clearing out and preparing for spring. It has to come sometime. Therefore, today we are giving you a 20% bonus on all cash packages from € 9.99!

Have a good trip!

The Cultures Online team

14.02.2013  The random event, Ragnarök, awaits you!


Dear village elders and tribe members,

Sometimes even the Gods argue. The Earth always quakes and the sea whips into the air when they are at loggerheads. Even in Cultures Online they can't always put aside their differences and then is when it gets pretty ugly in the Cultures world.

Human beings gather together to collectively offer to the Gods and define fate mercifully. They are ready to stand by the side of the Gods against Loki and his army.
It's up to you to safeguard the world from its conclusive fate. The Gods will reward you royally for your support. Týr, Heimdallr, and Víðarr offer you blessed equipment as reward for the salvation of the world.

Visit the Norns on their mountain south of your island and take on the challenge.

With the last server maintenance we have animated the mountain and now you can pay a visit to the Norns. They will put you in contact with the Gods.

We have summarized the most important questions concerning Ragnarök for you in the forum:…ar%F6k-%96-faq/

If you want to find out more about the last patch, then you can view the patch notes:…2013/#post53819


Your Cultures Online Team

30.01.2013  Cultures Online Survey

Hello dear village elders and tribe members,

Effective immediately you have the chance to tell us what you really think. Not that we think that you'd keep your opinions from us  ;-) We just want to use the opportunity to ask you the things that we usually wouldn't ask. Therefore, for the coming days we have prepared a little survey.

You can find the survey here:

We would much appreciate your participation and hope to have lots of replies.

Thank you

Your Cultures Online Team

18.01.2013  The Great Journey

wysiwyg image

Hello Vikings and Asians!

Many of you are bound to have already spotted the mysterious mountain that has appeared just off the coast to the south of your village. On 19 January 2013 we want to give you opportunity to climb aboard your ships and set sail for the mountain. As this is a voyage into the unknown, it is virtually impossible to hazard a guess at the dangers that lie in wait, or to estimate how long the journey will take. Which is why we will grant you almost unlimited wanderlust for 24 hours. As on any voyage of discovery, the three most courageous and committed explorers will be rewarded with fantastic prizes that will be sent by post.
Perhaps your journey will give you a few hints as to what the mysterious mountain is all about. But be careful not to sail off the edge of the world, or you might end up in Valhalla.

The Great Journey event:

• Starts at 01:00 on 19 January 2013
• Gives each player 25,000 wanderlust
• The three players who have used the most wanderlust by 01:10 am on 20 January 2013 will be the winners. In case two people send us an email with the same amount of wanderlust, the winner will be the one who send the email the earliest
• To take part, you need to send a screenshot showing your hero’s name and how much wanderlust you have used in your travels. You can find both information at the mission start screen of any mission. Please email the screenshot to [email protected] before 01:10 am on 20 January.

wysiwyg image

Please note the terms and conditions for competitions.

Have fun!

The Cultures Online team

14.01.2013  Norn’s Anagram Event:

What Was, What is, and What Will Be

A while ago in a stormy night an island rose out of the boiling sea. The mountain peaks grew into the clouds alike the thorny back of a saurian. On top of the highest peak in the mist of the clouds a small fire burns with a kettle upon it. Three women standing around it, are singing the “song of time”

 The event is running 15th and 16th of January from 2.00-4.00 pm in --> the forum <-- .

31.12.2012  Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

26.12.2012  New Year event

Hello Vikings and Asians!

Christmas is now past, the world didn't  come to an end, and the last days of 2012 are before us.

We are looking forward to an eventful and good year in 2013 together with you in Cultures Online and we would like to thank you sincerely for 2012!

From 1 minute past midnight on 27th December, 2012, till 12:00 p.m. (midday) on 2nd January, 2013, we will give you another 20% more runes when you buy a package (SMS and ePin excluded).

We wish all Vikings and Asians a very happy new year!

The Cultures Online team

24.12.2012  Christmas

Hello Vikings and Asians!

The last door on the Advent Calendar was opened today, but we've still got another event for you!

Therefore, from 6:00 p.m. on 24th, December, 2012, till 11:59 p.m. on 26th December, 2012 you'll get a bonus of 24% more runes when you buy a rune package (SMS and ePin excluded)!

We wish all Cultures Online players a nice and tranquil holiday and a happy Christmas!

The Cultures Online team

23.12.2012  Calendar door day 24

wysiwyg image


Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

Dear Vikings and Asians,

today we give to you an extra 2400 wanderlust. for the 24th!

We wish all Cultures Online players a nice and tranquil holiday and a happy Christmas!

wysiwyg image

22.12.2012  Calendar door day 23

wysiwyg image

Did you know that Christmas parties are very popular in Japan , even though Christmas (jpn. Kurisumasu) isn't an official holiday? The first Christmas party in Japan was celebrated by Dutch businessmen in Nagasaki in the Edo period.

Dear Vikings and Asians, today we give to you an extra 250% XP and 1000 wanderlust.

wysiwyg image

21.12.2012  Calendar door day 22

wysiwyg image

Did you know that Germany has Martin Luther to thank that children receive presents at Christmas - it was he who introduced the custom of remembering the Baby Jesus. Since then the giving of gifts is closely-knit with Christmas.

Dear Vikings and Asians, today you receive a code from us that grants you a 5£ discount on all cash packages worth 24,99 £ or more (excluding SMS).



wysiwyg image

20.12.2012  Calendar door day 21

wysiwyg image


Did you know that Father Christmas used to wear green clothing and only in modern times was colored red for advertisements?
Dear Vikings and Asians, today you get a treasure chest event, whereby you receive 5 keys when you buy a treasure chest!


wysiwyg image

19.12.2012  Calendar door day 20

wysiwyg image

Did you know that the first public Christmas tree was erected in 1815 in Weimar (Thuringia) on the market square by the bookseller, Hoffmann, in the Goethe period? The tree was there for all children, whether rich or poor.
Dear Vikings and Asians, today we give to you an extra 200% experience.


wysiwyg image

18.12.2012  Calendar door day 19


wysiwyg image


The turkey's bought and will soon be stuffed;
The guest room's ready, the pillows fluffed.
The closet's full of holiday gifts;
The snow is here, piled up in drifts.

Dear Vikings and Asians, today we give to you an extra 500 wanderlust.

wysiwyg image

17.12.2012  Calendar door day 18

wysiwyg image

Did you know that the holy Nicholas lived in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey)? The holy Nicholas was born circa 300 AD in Patara (near Antalya). He was the Bishop of Myra until his death in 325 Anno Domini. In Demre there is still a church of the holy Nicholas where he was buried. Short after Saint Nicholas died, sick people miraculously became better after visiting the holy grave.

Dear Vikings and Asians, today we are giving you the chance to exchange runes for seal for 25% less!

wysiwyg image

16.12.2012  Calendar door day 17

wysiwyg image


Dear Vikings and Asians, today we've got a coupon event for you!

You will receive a voucher code from us for 50 runes for a Christmas present worth 77 runes! Just send us an e-mail ([email][email protected][/email]) today by 11:59 p.m. with your gamigo account name and the number of voucher codes that you wish to have.

Content of voucher code:

1 Ginger bread house

30 seals

20 runes

1 Spinnaker

 wysiwyg image

15.12.2012  Calendar door day 16

wysiwyg image

Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
In Cultures land you will be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

Dear Vikings and Asians, today we give to you an extra 200% XP and 300 wanderlust.


wysiwyg image

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