Game rules/behavior guidelines for Cultures Online


§1 Rules regarding naming

1) The nickname or tribe name should be suitable for a friendly and pleasant gaming atmosphere.

This means that no names falling into the following categories are allowed:

a) insulting, racist, radical right wing, sexist or glorifying violence.

b) using part of a sentence ("ImGoingHome") or nonsensical sets of letters ("fassghaagfa"). Excessive use of special characters, alternating small and large letters, all caps or numbers in names is not allowed. Examples: xXxNaMexXx, +++N4m3+++

c) comprised of protected brand names (such as McDonalds, Reebok, Levi Strauss, Warhammer). A variety of these names are protected by international law and may thus not be used in commercial products. Please thus also remember that names from novels such as "Lord of the Rings" and "The Chronicles of Narnia" are also copyrighted. If you wish to use a name from film or literature, please modify the name somewhat by added a prefix or similar modifier.

2) English names are permitted in Cultures Online. The same rules apply to these names as dictated in section 1 a)-c).

3) It is forbidden to use the name of a Game Oracle (GO) in any way, including through modified capitalization or symbols/special characters meant as letter substitutions, or even through the additional of other elements (KummerCamo, etc). You are also forbidden from naming a tribe after the GO tribe in any way. Tribe names that violate these rules will be deleted without warning.

4) 'Leet' or 'D00d' speak should only be used in exception cases. If you want to use a digit for a letter, that is fine - but it shouldn't be every other letter. We do this because there are people who aren't in fluent in leet, and for them the more letters that are replaced, the harder it is to understand the name. It can also happen that someone wants to invite you into a tribe but cannot understand your name properly. At events it can get hectic and complicated if your name isn't correctly noted.

5) Player and tribe names with an extreme right-wing, pornographic, racist or agitational nature are forbidden.


§2 Behavior

1) You should show reasonable respect toward all fellow gamers and gamigo employees (including GOs).

2) Be polite with others to create a pleasant gaming environment.

3) Follow the golden rule: treat gamers as you yourself would wish to be treated.


§3 Chat and private messaging

1) The general language in chat for the English servers is English.

2) Spam and flooding in any form are not permitted.

3) No insults to other players or fractions will be tolerated in the public chat area.

Insults to other gamers, in the chat or private in-game messages, will be reviewed up to 3 days after the incident. The incident must be document with one (or several) meaningful screenshots. These cannot be edited in any way or be older than 3 days.

4) Talking poorly of other players or tribes is also considered an insult and is thus not permitted.

5) Racist and sexual statements will not be tolerated in any form and will lead to an immediate ban. No prior warning from the GO is required here.

6) Extremist statements, curse words, scatological language and other inappropriate language will also not be tolerated.

7) Words censored using stars or dots still count as the intended word. Here too a review will be performed if it is clearly identifiable.

8) Chat participants are generally forbidden from writing solely in capital letters, since this is perceived as shouting.

Writing of single individual words in capital letters to provide a clearer overview or to express strong joyful emotions is exempted from this rule.

Also exempted from the rule is the writing of faction abbreviations.


§4 Advertising and links

1) Advertising of other games that do not belong to gamigo is forbidden in the public chat space. A mere mention is not forbidden however.

2) The chat room should not be used for advertising of any products.

We have no mechanism to check the content of other homepages, so no links of any kind are to be provided in the public chat space, nor to the faction bulletin boards (internal gamigo links and links to the forum or Wiki are generally exempted from this rule).

3) Discussion about external sides such as Google, Wikipedia and the like is permitted, but the posting of links to those pages, as described in the paragraph above about home pages, is forbidden.


§5 Contact data

1) No private contact data may be disclosed in the public chat space. This is intended to preserve the anonymity of the individual gamers. If however you have cause to share your personal data with someone, this should be handled by PM. We wish to emphasize here that the sharing of personal data is done at your own risk and that gamigo AG can accept no liability related to this. Sharing of personal information for third parties is forbidden.

2) Messenger data, including ICQ, MSN, Teamspeak, Skype and others, is also forbidden from the public chat space.


§6 Multiple accounts

1) The gamigo Terms of Use provide the applicable guidelines regarding multiple accounts. They forbid the use of multiple accounts – where detected, all of the player's accounts will be permanently deleted.

2) Each account may only be played by one person. Multiple persons sharing one account, known as account sitting, is forbidden.


§7 Exploits, scripts, tools, bugs

1) Gamers who use exploits, scripts, tools or bugs to gain an advantage in the games will be removed from the game by gamigo without prior warning.

2) Gamers who receive an advantage due to a bug are obligated to report it immediately to a GO or in the forum. Those who do so will not be penalized for the one-time, unintentional exploitation of the bug. No rebuke will be issued.


§8 Sale of accounts and in-game currency

1) The sale or other sharing of gaming accounts, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, is forbidden in the Terms of Use. Any violation of this rule will lead to an immediate ban.


§9 Measures

1) Please follow any instructions issued to you by the Game Oracle team, whether received by PM or chat.

2) Anyone who violates the rules must count on being punished.

3) The team will select from among the following measures (depending on the severity of the violation):

- Friendly note to follow the rules

- Warning

- Temporary punishment

- Ban

4) Complaints about a punishment should be made within 3 working days from the issuance of the penalty. The first contact should be the GO who handled your case. If the results of this are unsatisfactory, move to the next level of review within 7 working days after contacting the GO. Please provide all necessary information to allow for your matter to be handled quickly. Please understand that we cannot process appeals to bans issued more than 14 days in the past.