Where can I find help?

If you have general questions about gameplay, then you can open a new topic in the forum. This can then be discussed together with other player. Otherwise, you can write to a Gamemaster, also called Game Oracle (GO), in the forum. You can also find the GOs in the chat as they are marked in blue.

Another solution is to write to the Support which you can find in the following link:

How do I register for the forum?

Visit ourforum plattform:
Click 'registration' on the top right

What can I do if I have problems logging in?

There are number of possibilities:
- Empty the Adobe cache
- Update your Flash Player or reinstall
- Change your browser or update it
- It could be that a patch is currently running or maintenance is underway.

How can I get runes?

Runes can be bought, won or found in the game after completing quests.
Click on the rune symbol in the game to buy runes.
There are only three steps now that separate you from your runes:
1. Selecting packages and payment methods
2. Completing payment
3. Continue playing

Which methods of payment can I use to get runes?

You can pay by bank transfer, debit, paysafecard, Wallie, Ukash, credit card, PayPal, Moneybookers, telephone, giropay, and ClickandBuy.

Furthermore, runes can also be purchased via SMS (max. 160 runes = €9.99 )

I've forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

If you forget the password for your game account or you wish to change it, you can change it yourself in the gamigo Account System (gAS).

To do this, log in on the website
into the gamigo Account System. Under the [My gamigo] tab and the [Details] for the corresponding game account you can enter the details for a new password.

This change will be active in the game in a few minutes.
Should you misplace your login details for the gamigo Account system, then you can get new login details via the "Forgotten your password?" function on the login site of the account system. To do this you have  to enter the e-mail address given in your account.

How do I form a tribe?
You'll need some venture capital in order to found a tribe.
Click on the menu at the top right, which expands when you move the mouse over it, and select the Tribe symbol (three crossed swords).

Now the tribe's name, its abbreviation (3 characters that are shown in the chat window in front of the tribe's members' name) and its slogan can be entered. Keep in mind that these cannot be changed.

Only the bulletin board can be changed by the tribe's leader and members.
You can also join other tribes. The fastest way to do so is by using the chat. Those looking for a tribe can find one using Channel 3. An "application" can also be posted in the forum under "Tribal Gathering".

How can I report misconduct, such as multiaccounts?

You can contact Gamemasters or Game Oracles at any point in time in the game or in the forum.
With multiaccounts it's the case that they are banned in the Terms of Use. Exceptions can be made if there are multiple players in one household that use the same Internet connection. These need to be reported by e-mail with the account name, in-game name, and server to [email protected]

How can I invite friends?
In the top left of the game you'll find a yellow button - invite friends. At the top left in the menu you also have the chance to visit our Twitter and Facebook sites.